lundi 6 octobre 2014

National Shindai Island School

Elementary and secondary school section features coeducational in Blue Island. Because it is a new school that has been established in accordance with the construction of Blue Island, state-of-the-art education curriculum different from the other schools have been adopted. Prospective students often Therefore, the competition rate of entrance exam is very high. Changing schools has been specifically authorized in accordance with the corresponding incident alone Akane blue peach. Five of Akane Aoi Wakaba-sunflower-Ray, enrolled is peach Elementary to Middle School two years the A group. By the way "above shorts tight spats style shirt sailor collar (or coveralls), the lower" and, girls uniforms, has become a unique tailoring.

Oshima Kitanoyama elementary and junior high schools

Akane, Aoi, Momo-ra was attending initial, elementary, middle school co-ed with the old history. Number of students is small, only one class, including elementary, middle class. Because you have already destroyed by raids alone in the second episode, Akane who was forced to changing schools to the new school Oshima.

Blue Island

Artificial island was built in the middle of the Sagaminada to match the construction of the vision engine. A long connecting bridge is multiplied by three directions towards Atami, Miura direction, of Izu Oshima direction, back and forth in the land also has become possible. It is divided into different neighborhoods around the vision engine, there is also public hospitals and schools, and government offices. Civilians also live many settlements, but 従務 of research and related conservation management of the engine had been accounted for most originally designed. And it is also called the new Oshima to Izu Oshima.

Vision Engine (Jigen engine)

New energy furnace responsible was built in Blue Island five years ago by the development team with a focus on Kenjiro, 95% of the energy of the world. The energy produced is called the vision energy is sent to the geostationary satellite and the space by way of the rectifying plant from Blue Island, and is supplied wirelessly to the world "Rain Energy System". By the way, "vision" means that the original miracle or revelation from heaven and gods will "show" it is "current".